25 Quote Korea Drama Tentang Cinta Dan Kehidupan


25 Quote Korea Drama Tentang Cinta Dan Kehidupan – Kita semua paham satu diantara kelebihan drama Korea dibanding sinetron ala-ala yang lain yang tampil di tv kita yaitu quote yang ada di dalamnya. Nyaris semuanya drama Korea memiliki kandungan quote-quote yang menyentuh hati beberapa penggemarnya. Tidak cuma mengenai cinta, quote mengenai motivasi, persahabatan, serta keluarga banyak juga bertebaran disana.

25 Quote Korea Drama Tentang Cinta Dan Kehidupan

25 Quote Korea Drama Tentang Cinta Dan Kehidupan

1.”Couple rings are the world’s sweetest handcuffs.” – Kill Me Heal Me

2.”Unrequited love is something you’re forced to do because there’s no exchange of feelings.” – Healer

3.“The truth is ten times more comforting than a lie.” – Pinnochio

4.”Love doesn’t mean giving something up for the other person but it means to achieve something.” –  It’s Okay That’s Love

5.”Why do people fall in love when they know they’ll end up breaking up with each other?” – High School Love On

6.“If it’s not a promise that you could keep, you shouldn’t have made it in the first place” – Angel Eyes

7.“Don’t be cautious anymore, start living your life the way you want to live.” – Pinocchio

8.”The moment someone came into your life is a big thing, because his/her whole life comes with him/her.” – You’re All Surrounded

9. “The one who loves more is the weak one. You’re the weak against the strong. But in love, the weak one is happier.” – Emergency Couple

10.”Should I throw out and delete everything just because we broke up? I have no intention of removing good memories.” – Emergency Couple

11.“The easiest thing we can do for the person we love is to throw ourselves away. the strength to do things that aren’t in our nature… that’s love.” – Reply 1997

12.“If you wait, the person is bound to come.” – The Innocent Man

13.“The reason I like you? Because it’s you. Just you. That’s the only reason. I wish I knew. Then I could figure out how to stop liking you. If I can’t avoid it, I only want one thing. To stay by you as a friend, unchanged. Here’s to heartache. To love.” – Reply 1997

14.“Men like you one day, and the next day, they change their mind. The problem is that they’re being honest both days.” – A Gentleman Dignity

15.“Giving a loving glance, and sharing a warm meal together…and all those other shining moments filled with love and laughter…will become your reward for loving someone unconditionally like that.” – Master’s Sun

16.“If you want to escape the lowest point in your life, try to love. Luck, like a jackpot, may come and find you.” – Triangle

17.“First love makes your heart grows.” – Good Doctors

18.“Meeting you wasn’t even included in my life schedule.” – It’s Ok, That’s Love

19.“From the moment i first saw you, my scenery has been you.” – Love Rain

20.”Should I teach you how not to be hurt by other people? Don’t give or accept anything. Don’t expect anything either.” – You Who Came From The Stars

21.”When your heart doesn’t tell the truth, pain gives the answer.” – Masters Sun

22.”There must be someone that made you do something you have never done.” – Cyrano Dating Agency

23.”If you don’t give up, the dream comes true and if you’re fated, you will meet” – Healer

24.“Truth doesn’t establish the winner, the winner establishes the truth.” – I Hear Your Voice

25.“Life is like a recipe book. If you follow the recipe, and faithfully follow the instructions for combining the ingredients, you will surely succeed.” – Cheongdamdong Alice

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